Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Popular Evening Dress Design Trends for 2014

An appropriate expression that summarizes the evening fashion trends of 2014 is "elegant luxury." This time designers have been forgetting the color palettes, textures, shapes, pathos in the cuts and all other innovations that remind us of the past seasons. This time they're bringing back the traditional old-fashioned styles.

The purpose of evening dresses is to tempt and seduce by highlighting the true seductive curves and lines of female body. So the evening dresses of 2014 have been designed by keeping an emphasis on chest, hips and waist. Deep cuts and open shoulders were chosen as the neck designs for designing the most seductive chest area. Given below are some popular trends that you can expect to see in the designs of evening dresses in 2014:

Vivid and spectacular color choices
Noble and elegant color schemes are the future of fashion in 2014, so they've been used in evening dresses too. Flashy or too much elaborative colors (i.e. acidic or neon) have been excluded and natural, lighter colors like blue, green, purple and red have been used as the primary choices. White and black dresses are also the traditional classics which are further strengthening their position in 2014.

Enlightening folds on the dresses
Folds, pleats and drapes are some common designing tactics used in the evening dresses of 2014. Every designer seems to be finding his/her own unique solution with these tactics by doing numerous experiments.

Focus on the upper chest and shoulders
Deep cuts in the form factor of V shape are no longer the only way of driving focus to the chest area. Now designers are doing even franker experiments like fitting the neckline and welcoming open shoulders. However, since that traditional V shape is still the love of many women, some designers decided to do a bit of modification to the existing design. So V shaped designs with some modified form-factor can also be seen in the evening dresses of 2014.

Some even trickier experiments have also been done here - For example, in a design known as "Fake Nude", at first glance anyone seeing will feel as if the upper chest part is almost entirely open. But when seen closely, you'll find a transparent or semi-transparent fabric at that place. By this technique designers tried to complete the two main accents: opening the shoulders and the chest area.

Usage of fringes and fills in the designs
Usage of fringes and frills gives even more romantic look to the dress. By seeing the collection of 2014 we can say that couturiers were used in an abundance of frills. Decorative stripes of couturiers have been used in the designs of next year. Some brands are entirely replacing frills in 2014. This is a splendid job, but it decreases the romantic effect of dresses.

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